Jane Elder Wulff(non-registered)
Eve told me about Summarex album - yes, wow, what's next? - can't wait to see SD images and hear about your trip.
R. Ray(non-registered)
Any major dude will tell you. These snaps are gnarly, my man, gnarly. We could get technical & theoretical, but let's save it for a dram of Laphroig by the fireside. Some of these days...
Rita Schinnar(non-registered)
These are truly beautiful photos - with angles, atmosphere, and a spirit that talk...
If you could include also a pleasing background music to accompany this display, these images would dance...
anne lancaster(non-registered)
john, wonderful meeting you and Eve at the Arts Alive weekend. I was visiting from Seattle and John Sedgwick and I were making the rounds Sat night. We met at Maple Hall.
You work is wonderful and I hope to connect again when I am back in LaConner.
Check out my www.communityartistsprogram.com site - video captures what I am passionate about. Anne
Jane Elder Wulff(non-registered)
Congratulations, John. I love watching your images evolve, appreciating each one, wondering where they will take us.
Mike McCann(non-registered)
I envision the day we will call you the artist formally known as John....Beautiful work.
Jeannie Hopf(non-registered)
Your photos are just wonderful!
David Kim(non-registered)
Nice site John. I need to buy your book and get an autograph before you get famous.
Dan Holtman(non-registered)
Very impressive, John. Excellent photos and a great layout
Vanessa McCoy(non-registered)
Wow! Way to go, John! It's so great to finally see so many of your wonderful images on a website. Very nice. Your site is easy to use and there's an interesting (yet not overwhelming) selection of galleries and pictures. Congrats!
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